How important is the subject?


A 2014 study shows that the average business person receives 85 emails per day.


If your subject line doesn’t catch your target’s interest, how likely is your email to be opened or read?

Recently, a long time friend (and recent new client) contacted us because their previous email marketer
was retiring. He asked if we would be interested in creating some email campaigns for him.
The first campaign featured a subject line tying in with the “Big Football Game” featuring the word Super. With a catchy subject line and clean design of the campaign, he received 11 quote requests within 90 minutes of the campaign launching. The second campaign was equally successful, yielding 12 more quote requests within the first hour after campaign launch.
Needless to say, our client is very happy with the results they’re getting!

(We’re already working on additional campaigns for them!)

So to what do we attribute the success these campaigns are getting?

  1. Subject Line Matters! Given the number of emails businesses face each day, most make a very quick decision between reading and deleting.
  2. Call to Action! Each of the campaigns we’ve designed have featured 10-15 specific products. In addition to good, clean photos, each featured product has a link to more detailed information on the company’s website and a specific “Get a Quote” button.
  3. Clean Design You have a compelling message to share with your target. Make sure that your campaign is visually appealing and efficient in getting quickly to the point.



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